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Our Service

At North Coast Sanitation, we offer a variety of portable rental toilets and sinks to accommodate your specific needs. And while our units are fresh, clean and reasonably priced, we believe the most important thing we offer is our Exceptional Customer Service. Whether hosting a party or managing an event, nobody wants their guests traipsing through their home or business, dragging in mud and debris and ruining their carpet. Having North Coast Sanitation portable restrooms on-site for your guests eliminates all that mess.

Our Portable Restrooms & Sinks

It doesn’t matter whether you need our portable toilet restrooms or hand sinks for a family reunion, class picnic, stag & drag or a construction worksite at a commercial property. Having functioning bathroom facilities are a necessity in any situation. Whether you need one or a few dozen, you can count on North Coast Sanitation to take good care of you. We deliver our units on-time, fully stocked and surprisingly clean.

Four-Stall Restroom Trailer

North Coast Sanitation now offers a four-stall restroom trailer for your event.  Our restroom trailer is nothing like the typical porta potties that you see at outside events or construction sites. It is a portable building with separate men’s and women’s restrooms.  The women’s restroom has two stalls and the men’s has one stall and one urinal. Both have hand sinks for clean hands and convenience. Call today for more information. 814.825.6500.

Seasonal Labor, Roadside Farm Stand or RV?

For those who need longer term use of portable toilet facilities or cleaning of their privately owned porta potty, we have rentals and service agreements specifically geared for those situations. These units come fully equipped with toilet paper and hand sanitizer and are cleaned weekly. For higher traffic situations, twice weekly cleaning is available. Portable toilet services from North Coast Sanitation are ideal for seasonal laborers and roadside farm stands. We also pump RV’s, saving you the time and hassle of having to move offsite to have your tanks serviced.


All prices are plus sales tax.*

Portable Restrooms

+ Standard Unit - $98 Each. Rate includes toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
+ Three or more Units - Call for pricing. Rate includes toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
+ Flushable Units - $103 Each. Rate includes toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
+ ADA Handicap Unit - $153 Each. Rate includes toilet paper and hand sanitizer.


Portable Hand Sinks

+ Small Hand Sink - $63 Each. Rate includes hand soap and paper towels.
+ Large Hand Sink - $83 Each. Rate includes hand soap and paper towels

Please be sure to ask which size will accommodate your number of guests. We want to make sure you don’t run out of water!

Other Services

+ Pumping Service - $63 per unit, per visit.
+ Extra Cleanings - $33 per unit. Our longer term rentals come with once weekly cleaning per unit. We offer additional cleanings as needed. Please let us know if you are interested so that we can schedule you accordingly.

*We make every effort to keep our prices as low as possible. However, prices may vary for outer service areas.

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North Coast Sanitation’s 4 stall portable restroom trailer shown.

Call about our 4 stall restroom trailer today.  814.825.6500.

West Gate Farms in North East, PA used this portable toilet for their farm stand customers and seasonal farm laborers.

Our portable toilets are convenient for farm stand customers and seasonal labor.

Our fleet delivering exceptionally clean rental units prior to pumping out and cleaning additional on-site rented portable toilets.  Hand sanitizer and toilet paper were restocked.

Our other services include cleaning and pumping of private units and RV’s. We also offer additional weekly cleanings of our longer term rentals. Call for details 814.825.6500.

One of North Coast Sanitation’s employees cleaning and sanitizing one of flushable portable toilets in preparation for delivery to a special event in Fairview, PA.

Every unit is thoroughly cleaned and comes with a wall mounted container of hand sanitizer because we know CLEANLINESS MATTERS!

North Coast Sanitation in Erie PA provides porta potty rentals for the Discover Presque Isle Festival and other events on Presque Isle State Park and in Millcreek, PA.

We love summer events! Reserve now for your sporting event, festival or family reunion.